About Us

Like most of us, my love for coffee came well after my necessity for it. In the Marine Corps, I worked the airfield from six in the morning until midnight fueled by something I wouldn’t even consider calling coffee today. It wasn’t until my daughter was born a few years later that I resorted back to a daily dose of caffeine to get me through the sleepless nights and never-ending days of early parenthood. Even in my own kitchen, even with a lot of milk and sugar, coffee tasted terrible to me.

But in 2006, I moved back home to the Pacific Northwest, and everything I ever thought about coffee changed. Through passionate local roasters, plentiful neighborhood coffee shops, and a culture that celebrates the little things that get you through the day, I discovered that coffee can not only taste good but can open people up to a more civilized, thoughtful idea of community.

Coffee culture tapped into my nerdy side. I loved the idea of manipulating small things in the brewing process to change and curate the perfect-tasting cup of coffee. My perfectionist nature took over, and I dived into every little variable in search of my ideal flavor and feel.

It wasn’t long before the urge to roast my own beans took over. I bought a small 1lb home roasting machine and began to tinker, dreaming of one day roasting enough coffee to share with my friends and family who so kindly endured my new-found obsession.

That’s how Wacker Coffee Co. got off the ground and into the cups, work mugs, and hearts of fellow coffee lovers. Now, we roast coffee beans according to our passion for the art and science of coffee making and adhering to the principles of a solid, American-owned company.

To us, this means working with coffee farmers who put into the land as much, if not more, than they get out of it. I want my kids and all future generations to be able to sit and enjoy incredible coffee as I’ve gotten to. This is why we source coffee from farms with sustainable agricultural practices and where the farmer gets fair compensation for their quality coffee beans.

To me, part of that sustainability also means investing in our community and other entrepreneurs around our nation. We are dedicated to tapping into the talent and skill of Americans by buying products and selling merchandise made right here in the United States. When we stick together and celebrate each other, I believe we get a little closer to achieving that perfect nation.

A good cup of coffee in the morning not only keeps me going on this path but I’m constantly reminded that a delicious cup of coffee can foster community in any setting. When two or more people can sit down and agree that the coffee’s good, anything is possible: a more civil conversation about the times we live in, a more personal connection over business endeavors, and a deeper connection between you and the people who matter most in your life.

I hope Wacker Coffee brings as much to your life as it has to mine. Cheers!

Tim Wacker