The Story of Wacker Coffee Co.

My journey with coffee began as a daily necessity during my time in the Marine Corps, where the beverage bore little resemblance to the smooth and flavorful cups I enjoy today. In the early days of parenthood, I leaned on coffee loaded with milk and sugar to survive sleepless nights with our newborn daughter – a functional but less-than-enjoyable solution.

It wasn't until my return to the Pacific Northwest in 2007 that my perception of coffee underwent a transformative shift. I was exposed to local roasters who roasted and brewed delicious coffees. I discovered the potential of coffee.

Fueling my nerdy side, coffee became a subject of experimentation as I sought to craft the perfect cup. Pursuing perfection led me to explore every facet of the brewing process in search of the ideal flavor and experience.

Soon, the irresistible desire to roast my own beans took over. I invested in a 1lb home roasting machine, dreaming of sharing my roasted coffee with friends and family who patiently endured my newfound obsession.

This passion drove the creation of Wacker Coffee Co., housed in a converted section of our garage. Today, We roast coffee with a deep passion for the art and science of coffee roasting, adhering to the principles of a solid, American-owned company. 

To us, this involves environmental and economic sustainability. I dream of a future where my children and generations to come can enjoy exceptional coffee, which is why we prioritize sourcing from farms committed to sustainable agriculture. Our sourcing strategy aligns with our dedication to rewarding farmers for their top-quality beans. We exclusively select coffee from those engaged in a Farm Gate program, assuring direct and fair compensation to empower farmers with the full fruits of their labor.

Sustainability, to us, also means investing in our community and supporting entrepreneurs nationwide. We are committed to harnessing the talent and skill of Americans by purchasing and selling products made right here in the United States. I believe we move closer to achieving the perfect nation by sticking together and celebrating one another.

A good cup of coffee propels me forward on this journey and reminds me that a delicious cup can foster community in any setting. When two or more people agree that the coffee is good, possibilities abound—a more civil conversation about our times, a deeper connection over business endeavors, and a meaningful bond with the people who matter most in your life.

I hope that Wacker Coffee brings as much joy to your life as it has to mine. Cheers!

Tim Wacker