16 oz. - that's right not 10 or 12 oz. Light-Medium Roast

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    Our first blend comes on our one-year anniversary and it is born out of our experience navigating through the bureaucratic red tape at the federal, state, and local levels. As soul-crushing as it is, the American entrepreneurial spirit is greater. Red Tape is dedicated to those who improvise, adapt, and overcome bureaucracy to achieve The American Dream. It is brought to you by Big Government and has tasting notes of complicated, subjective, and inefficient.

    This blend contains a washed Guatemalan and Costa Rican and a honey-processed Nicaraguan. It has notes of dark chocolate, almond, and cocoa rice crispies. The honey-processed Nicaraguan adds subtle fruit hints to this chocolate-forward coffee.

    Red Tape is our most popular coffee and it is very versatile. It doesn’t matter what brewing method is used. Red Tape is delicious in all of them from espresso to cold brew. 

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  • Tasting Notes:

    Dark Chocolate, Almond, Cocoa Rice Crispies

  • Process:

    Washed and Honey Process

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  • Variety:

    Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Typica

  • Producer:

    Various - Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica

Customer Reviews

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Mark Quinn
International review

I recently took my Red Tape blend to Canberra, Australia, to visit our daughter and son in law. Their main coffe system is an espresso machine and we tried it as a fine grind. Everyone agreed it did nicely in that application even though I suspect it wasn’t intended to be an espresso blend. It had a bold enough profile to work in that context and we went through the lot in short order. Thank you for a quality product.

Harry R
Great Coffee

This coffee is very smooth with no bitterness. There’s a hint of chocolate and very slight smokiness; it even holds its flavor well when it cools. It is also very good as iced coffee.

Great Tasting Coffee

Coffee is very smooth with no bitter after taste.
I tried several on-line coffee brands and yours is the best.
The coffee brewing information was very helpful.

Smooth Red Tape?

Who would think that Red Tape could be so enjoyable? I really like the flavor and smoothness of this coffee. Most coffee I drink seems to have some level of bitterness but this did not! I’ll be ordering again. I wish you offered a sample pack of all of your blends - hint, hint. :)

Steve H
Follow the "recipe"

Excellent coffee, once we went back to basics and prepared each pot according to the guidance Tim provided.