16 oz. - that's right not 10 or 12 oz. Light-Medium Roast

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    We are honored to have teamed up with former CIA Officer Bryan Dean Wright of The Wright Report podcast to bring you this tasty blend of Central American coffees. It's a solid daily drinker with notes of chocolate, almond, and brown sugar.

    For over 230 years, my family of farmers & ranchers have worked the fields and logged the mountains of America. And we’ve embraced a motto while doing it: 

    Wright Country 

    It’s about creating a family and community that takes pride in hard work, good living, and love of the nation. 

    Fueling that family motto is our morning tradition — a cup of Wright Country Coffee. It’s our daily workhorse. And now it’s yours too. Enjoy! — Bryan Dean Wright

    The Wright Report is a morning news podcast with updates from America and around the world. Bryan tracks down current events that others don't and helps us understand why these developments are so important. Plus, he provides analysis based on his experiences as an Intelligence Officer, leaning on facts and data. As always, he leaves listeners with the ultimate decision of what to think about the issues -- and what we ought to do about them.

    You can SAVE 15% on this amazing coffee and our other coffees by becoming a paid subscriber to his podcast for only $6 a month. Click the link to be taken to his substack: https://wrightreport.substack.com/?r=235hvi. I subscribe, and it's one of the few podcasts I download that is a must-listen.

  • Q Score:

    > 85

  • Tasting Notes:

    Chocolate, Almond, Brown Sugar

  • Process:

    Washed and Honey Processed

  • Altitude:


  • Variety:


  • Producer:

    Various - Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Wayne Merris
Wright Blend

Without a doubt this is the best coffee I’ve had! It is smooth and has an excellent taste with a touch of fruitiness. This is now my go to coffee. I even sent a pound to my favorite mother-in-law. I will recommend this coffee to all my friends.

Try it you will be happy!

I listen to the Wright Report pod cast and heard about this coffee and gave it a try. I have been extremely happy with this coffee! I have used it in my AreoPress and American press, both have brewed great tasting and smelling Wright Country Blend! Roasted the day after I ordered and shipped days after that roasted. It was at my house less then a week from order and days after roasted. I cant say that of any other coffee I have ordered.

Jason P
Amazing flavor

We’re regular coffee drinkers and usually buy the cheap big red coffee at the club store. I decided to give the Wright Country blend a try after hearing about it on the Wright Report podcast. We were amazed by the smell when I first opened the package. Absolutely amazing rich smell. We are hooked after our first grind and brew. The flavors are so rich and smooth, not overbearing or burnt tasting. I normally put creamer in my cheap coffee, but the Wright Country blend didn’t need it. We drink it straight black and it is so good.

rick smith
Wright Country Blend

Love the taste and aroma of this coffee.


I love the taste, the price and the availability of so many different grinds. Great coffee!